Complementary services

Equipment supply

Bandeau 700x479

If you wish to supply your client with a boat ready to sail, SAS can help by supplying all the necessary equipment and have it installed aboard, prior to delivery to the owner.



Armement de sécurité complet

Safety equipment

Equipment lists are at your disposal to help you and your client choose the right items.

kit électrique


  • Electrical kit (shore power cable with 16 or 32A plug)
  • Engine kit (filters, impeller, belt ...). List following engine type.
Kit mouillage

Anchor and Mooring kits

  • Mooring kit ; including 4 mooring ropes and 6 fenders
  • Anchor kit ; Rope and/or chain depending on the size of boat and type of anchor preferred

Ancillary equipment

Do not forget either the items which your customer will require :

  • Gas bottle
  • Hosepipe with reel
  • Starter kit (sponges, matches, toile trolls, garbage bags ...)
  • Full diesel tanks

Equipment storage and loading on

If your client wants to ship gear aboard his boat, we can receive it and store it until the boat arrives then put it on board for you.



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